Submitted V1.2 to the Marketplace

Posted on December 12, 2010

Just submitted V1.2 to the Marketplace.
This update conisists mainly of usability fixes from the feedback I got on V1.0.
Thanks for the feedback so far :-)

Will let you know once it’s gone through the Marketplace review process and it’s available… Can take several days :-(

The changes are:
- Selectable upload service in blog config and blog settings dialog
- Image selections in configuration showed wrong “upload size” and “default image size” in config screen.
- Lock config screen once it’s configured (except password, url and media upload service selection)

Post writing:
- Removed (i) button on title and added a menu item to change tags/categories and blog settings instead. (Metro Consistency)
- Added “clean” formatting button for font color and background.
- Several small fixes in RichText editor selection (More consistent to Wp7 default).

- Removed trial mode for now as it has a design flaw.
Because of this I decided I remove it for now. Might come back in the next release.

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5 Responses

  1. N1nja:

    I love the app. Needs WP network support before I can use it for deals, though.

    13.12.2010 03:31 Reply

    • manfredberry:

      Hi N1nja
      Not really sure what WP network support really is.
      Are you refering to this WP feature?

      13.12.2010 09:52 Reply

    • Thomas:


      for me it works fine with network support (I am using WP 3.0.3) with two domains: and

      14.12.2010 08:57 Reply

  2. per solli:

    Can’t connect to self hosted WordPress. Is this supported?


    14.12.2010 07:14 Reply

    • manfredberry:

      Yes it’s supported.
      In the “add blog service” config screen there is a pivot with two items, “hosted” and if you pivot to the right “protocol”. Choose “wordpress from there and you will reach a config screen which will allow you to enter the settings.
      for the “service url” use http://yourserver/yourblog/xmlrpc.php
      Also you have to make sure to enable the xmlrpc protocol in wordpress:
      In your admin screen (Dashboard) in WordPress go to Settings->Writing and check the XML-RPC checkbox in “Remote Publishing” section.

      14.12.2010 07:42 Reply

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