Posted on November 11, 2010

A few days later then I hoped but i finally submitted the app to the marketplace today. Hope you will like it as much as I do.

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  1. Brian W:

    Trying to setup with a self hosted WordPress blog. Receiving nothing but errors. What is the key to set this up? Would like to buy though want to be sure it works.

    12.12.2010 01:38 Reply

    • manfredberry:

      Hi Brian

      On a self hosted WordPress blog you have to make sure to enable the Xml-RPC protocol.
      In your admin screen in WP go to Settings->Writing and check the XML-RPC checkbox in “Remote Publishing” section.

      The Xml-RPC endpoint should then be “http:/yourserver/blogroot/xmlrpc.php

      Hope that fixes is :-)

      12.12.2010 10:09 Reply

  2. Thomas Brown:

    Maybe it would be nice, you would only have to enter the domain name, like
    and the program “tries” the possible XML-RPC endpoints automatically.

    Would lower the initial setup barrier.

    Just a thought :-)

    12.12.2010 20:16 Reply

    • manfredberry:

      Yep that is something which is on my plan. Will come up in the near future :-)

      14.12.2010 10:06 Reply

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