That’s the end for BlogHub for WP7

Posted on October 10, 2012

Because of family and time issues I decided to not further work on BlogHub for Windows Phone 7.
There might come a stripped down version for Blogger only (Will be for free if thta happens).

For Wrodpress there is an app available in the marketplace :-)

Posted from Akershus, Norway.

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  1. Kathleen Weaver:

    Is the source code available — would even be willing to purchase if not too expensive.

    11.11.2012 00:00 Reply

  2. Avatar X:

    Such a shame that you could not continue to develop it. It had real potential. More if you would then also had ported it for W8/W-RT. Would do be useful for others if you could post the source code to codeplex.

    03.02.2013 04:23 Reply

  3. manfred:

    Sorry for not responding to this thread before but I had some sickness in the family and was very busy.

    Anyhow. I will contact Kathleen and Avatar if they are interested in hosting the source code and do some additional development on it.

    03.02.2013 13:40 Reply

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